Welcome to django-tinymce4-lite documentation!

django-tinymce4-lite is a reworked fork of django-tinymce4. It provides a TinyMCE 4 editor widget that can be used in Django forms and models.

TinyMCE 4 in Django Admin

TinyMCE 4 editor in Django Admin interface

In this fork all legacy and broken code has been cleaned in order to provide simple but full-featured TinyMCE 4 experience in Django projects.

django-tinymce4-lite can use django-filebrowser-no-grappelli as a file manager for TinyMCE 4 to insert images and file links into edited text.


Currently django-filebrowser (grapelli-based) is not compatible with django-tinymce4-lite because it lacks support for TinyMCE 4. See this pull request for more details.

The application also includes a spellchecker service for TinyMCE 4 spellchecker plugin.


  • Python: 3.5+

  • Django: 1.11+


I try to keep django-tinymce4-lite up to date with current Python and Django versions, but third-party packages, like filebrowsers, may be incompatible with the latest Python/Django. It’s up to those packages’ authors/maintainers to keep their work in sync with recent developments.


Naming Conventions

In this documentation django-tinymce4-lite or tinymce4-lite (all lowercase) refers to this Python/Django application, and TinyMCE 4 or TinyMCE (CamelCase) refers to a JavaScript TinyMCE editor widget. If a version number is omitted, TinyMCE v.4.x.x is assumed.

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