Welcome to Kodistubs documentation!

(former xbmcstubs)

Kodi stubs are Python files that can help you develop addons for Kodi (XBMC) Media Center. Use them in your favorite IDE to enable autocompletion and view docstrings for Kodi Python API functions, classes and methods.

Currently Kodistubs are automatically generated (indirectly) from Kodi sources so they should reflect the exact state of Kodi Python API, including function and method signatures and return values. Kodistubs also include PEP-484 type annotations for all functions and methods.

The version of Kodistubs corresponds to the Kodi version they are created from.

If you notice discrepancies with the actual state of Kodi Python API, don’t hesitate to open issues or submit pull requests in the Kodistubs Github repo.


If a function/method docstring has discrepancies with the actual signature or type annotation of that function/method in Kodistubs, the signature or type annotation should be considered correct.


Kodistubs are literally stubs and do not include any useful code beyond absolute minimum so that not to rise syntax errors. Don’t try to run your program outside Kodi unless you add some testing code into Kodistubs or use some mocking library to mock Kodi Pyhton API.

Discussion topic on Kodi forum.

License: GPL v.3

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