PyXBMCt provides 10 ready-to-use UI controls that are based on the respective xbmcgui controls with the following differences:

  • You don’t need to specify coordinates and size for the controls explicitly. The Grid layout manager takes care of control placement.
  • All controls that require textures are provided with default textures (borrowed from Confluence and Estuary skin resources). You can specify your own textures for PyXBMCt controls, but you need to do this through keyword arguments (important!).
  • Button caption is center-aligned by default. You can change button caption alignment by providing a necessary alignment parameter through a keyword argument (PyXBMCt already includes symbolic constants for control text alignment). Since all PyXBMCt Controls are subclassed from xbmcgui.Control* classes, you can use all parent xbmcgui classes’ methods to set Control properties.

PyXBMCt controls (Confluence-based skin)


PyXBMCt controls (Estuary-based skin)

Below is the list of PyXBMCt controls with brief descriptions:


Label implements a simple text label much like Tkinter.Label or QLabel.


FaldeLabel is similar to Label, but a very long text string is auto-scrolled.


TextBox shows multiline text. It can autoscroll very long text.


Image control displays images from files (.jpg, .png, .gif). For .gif and .png images transparency is supported, and for .gif animation is shown as well.


Button implements a clickable button. It generates a control event on click.


RadioButton is a 2-state switch. It generates a control event on click.


Group is container for other controls. It has its own grid coordinate system.


Edit implements a text entry field, similar to Tkinter.Entry or QLineEdit. When activated, it opens an on-screen keyboard to enter text. Edit is not supported on XBMC4XBOX.


List implements a list of items. The list scrolls when it cannot display all its items within available space. It generates a control event when an item is selected.


Slider is a control for stepless adjusting some value (e.g. volume level). Slider is not supported on XBMC4XBOX.