Starting from v.1.2.0, PyXBMCt provides BaseSkin and Skin classes that allow you to customize PyXBMCt UI elements appearance fully or partially. To customize your UI skin you need to subclass one of those classes and set your custom skin instance as module-level property (see below).

BaseSkin is an abstract class that allows you to fully customize the appearance of PyXBMCt *Window classes. You need to subclass it and define all your custom skin attributes – image textures, coorditate offsets, etc. – as properties of your derived class.

The Skin can be subclassed to change only some of the current PyXBMCt skin properties. The following example shows how to change the fullscreen background of AddonFullWindow class without altering other elements:

import pyxbmct

class MySkin(pyxbmct.Skin):
    def main_bg_img(self):
        return '/path/to/my/background_image.png' = MySkin()

# Then create your UI window class with the new background
class MyCoolWindow(pyxbmct.AddonWindow):